What is the Urgent Rx Prescription Program?

Urgent Rx Prescription Voucher ProgramUrgent Rx Prescription Program

Thank you to the following community partners:

Brooks Family Foundation
Cayuga Medical Center
Green Street Pharmacy
Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County

Ithaca Free Clinic
Kinney Drugs, Inc.
United Way of Tompkins County


Urgent Rx provides free prescriptions and outreach follow-up to people without insurance who have an urgent health need and receive care at selected sites. Uninsured patients treated at the Cayuga Medical Center Emergency Department, Inpatient Unit Discharge and Convenient Care Center in Ithaca and at the Ithaca Free Clinic receive vouchers for prescription medicine. This enables patients to complete the recommended treatment plans for their urgent medical problems, having a direct impact on their recovery and their health.

Urgent Rx covers a limited supply (up to two weeks) of urgently needed medicines. The program covers a limited number of generic-brand medications used to treat common, urgent health-care problems. (It does not cover long-term prescription medication needs.)

In 2012, 3,074 prescriptions were filled at a cost of $51,499. For the first quarter of 2013, 700 prescriptions were filled at a cost of $12,707.

Urgent Rx Users

  • From January 2006 to March 2013, 17,455 prescriptions have been filled through vouchers at the cost of $334,554
  • In 2012, 77% of Urgent Rx recipients were one-time users
  • In 2012, 83% of prescriptions were filled on the same day
  • The age group that fills the most prescriptions are people between 19-30 years old


“I am so appreciative that this program was there. I had pneumonia, and needed prescriptions right away that would have cost me over $100. I did not have the money and would not have been able to get that medicine.”






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Urgent Rx Prescription Program 2012-2013