Asset Coalition of Tompkins County


Learn about Free Tax Preparation in Tompkins County

Who we are

The Tompkins County Asset Coalition is a diverse community partnership invested in building the stability and strength of Tompkins County communities to support financial well-being and security for people with limited income and individuals with barriers to achieve greater financial stability and the opportunity to return to work.

What we do

The work of the Asset Coalition is to bring knowledge and resources to increase access to employment and asset development for individuals with limited income, disabilities, and barriers to employment.

How we turn our mission into action

  • Provide free financial counseling, financial education workshops and tax preparation services;
  • Partner with financial institutions who offer financial services;
  • Partner with community based organizations and government agencies to educate community members about state and federal benefit programs they are eligible to receive and about predatory financial practices in their communities;
  • Encourage financial stability practices among all populations;
  • Engage in guiding employment systems change.