Thank you for Helping Ukraine Families!


The fighting in Ukraine continues with devastating human, material, and cultural losses exceeding levels previously considered unimaginable. It is difficult for many to comprehend the immediate and long-term impacts of what the world is witnessing.

It is against this backdrop and with heavy hearts that the United for Ukraine Fund is launched. UW Worldwide has stood up this platform in response to the urgent and growing humanitarian crisis that expands each day.

Our trusted partners on the ground, United Way of Romania, United Way of Hungary and Fundacjw Dobrych Inicjatyw (Good Initiatives Foundation) in Poland, are providing aid and support to those who have been displaced. Each organization is working with local partners to determine and address the immediate and longer-term relief needs of those made vulnerable by the fighting. The immediate support will cover: 


  • Transportation 
  • Shelter
  • Food and medicines 
  • Critical childcare supplies, including infant formula and diapers 
  • Hygiene kits, and more 


By choosing United Way as a partner, you and donors across the globe are supporting vetted, nonpartisan organizations providing vital help to those who need it most. As we have all seen, this situation is fluid and expansive. The needs are great and regrettably will certainly continue for some time. 

All contributions given directly to UWTC and designated for relief programs will be distributed to these listed organizations. As the crisis evolves, United Way may identify additional partners on the ground to support the needs of Ukraine's displaced and impacted people.




Hickey’s Music Center is pleased to MATCH the next $1000 given to our United for Ukraine Fund! Please use the link below to give today, knowing 100% is passed along to those displaced and is matched by Hickey’s if you are in the next $1000 given.


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