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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Note on Volunteering During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In an effort to continue to “flatten the curve” in Tompkins County, and keep the community healthy and safe, moving forward United Way will only be recruiting individuals for on-site volunteer opportunities who meet the criteria below. 
On-site volunteers must:
Live alone or with only 1 other person
Have not been outside the Central NY/Southern Tier Region in past 30 days
Have not been ill in the past 30 days
Have not had an ill member of their close social circle in the past 30 days 
We understand the disappointment that may come from not being able to help some of our service agencies at this time, however the health and safety of our volunteers is a priority. And remember that not being able to volunteer on-site does not mean you can’t volunteer! Our community has needs that can be met by remote volunteers. We will continue to send these types of opportunities to everyone who has signed up to volunteer through our website.
We look forward to increasing the number of on-site volunteers that we will be able to engage once social distancing measures are no longer necessary. If you have any question or concerns, please feel free contact Brandi Remington, Communications and Engagement Manager at

  Loaves & Fishes of   Tompkins County

 Loaves & Fishes of   Tompkins County is a   Christian ministry   which provides a   place for free meals,   hospitality,   companionship and   advocacy for those in   need, regardless of   their faith, beliefs, or   circumstances.



 St. John’s Church
 210 N. Cayuga St.
 Ithaca, NY




 Phone: 607-272-5457


 Loaves & Fishes Seeks More Volunteers During   Coronavirus   Situation

 Help is needed to prepare free meals to go. Our staff and   volunteers are committed to safely working together to continue   our ministry to provide free meals to all Tompkins County   residents during the Coronavirus situation.

 When: M,W&F mornings & T&Th late afternoons


 Ithaca College

 To provide a   foundation for a   lifetime of learning,   Ithaca College is   dedicated to fostering   intellectual growth,  aesthetic   appreciation, and   character   development in our   students.


Remote Opportunity



 Kimberly Lieb
 Ithaca College Assistant Director   for Industry and Community   Engagement


 Help Students Transition from College to Career

 COVID-19 has quickly changed many aspects of our day to day   lives. One area that has been greatly impacted is they way in   which young adults transition from college to career. Seniors   graduating from college this semester will likely not be able to   partake in the rituals and traditions that celebrate that transition,   and will be entering into unknown job market. Staff at Ithaca   College are working to support these groups of students and are   looking for volunteers to partake in the activities below

 Volunteer Activities

  • Share a message of encouragement (written or video)

  • Share advice on career search (written or video)

  • Review resumes with students (1-2 hour commitment, 3 20-minute appt per hour)

  • Practice interview with students (1-2 hour commitment, 2 30-minute appt per hour)

  • 1:1 Career Conversation with students (1-2 hour commitment, 3 20-minute appt per hour)

 Family Reading   Partnership
Family Reading 
delivers programs
and materials  designed to  empower families to  playfully engage  with their young  children as a  pathway to literacy inTompkins County.
Remote Opprotunity
 w/ a drop-off of   books to:
 54 Gunderman Road
 Ithaca, New York   14850
 Phone: 607-277-8602
 Collecting and Donating Gentley Used Children's Books
 FRP has been working with school teachers and liaisons, food   pantries, Head Start, and medical providers to get books safely   to families during this time. As their office has been closed we   have been unable to accept book donations and we're running   low on our supply. 
 When are drop-offs? 
 Wednesday from 11am-2pm. This will be a no-contact drop-off.   Specific instructions for how to donate can be found on their   website. 
 Dryden Kitchen   Cupboard


 6 North St. Dryden,   NY, 13053

 Ione Worth
 Phone; 607-319-4330
 Help Support Dryden's Food Pantry 
 1.) Volunteers in the pantry distribute food to clients. Pantry   hours are: Mon. 11 to 12, Wed. 5 to 6, Fri. 11 to 12, Last Sat. of   month 11 to 12.
 2.) Volunteers outside the pantry instruct the clients throughout   the pickup process, while helping the clients maintain social   distancing from each other and from the volunteers.
 Under the age of 60. The majority of our volunteers fall into the   "at risk" group, retirees 65 plus. When the pandemic has   subsided and life returns to "normal" our older volunteers would   return to serving at the pantry.
 Mutual Aid   Tompkins:   Immediate  Needs 
We are neighbors  concerned about our communities and  helping to make sure those most vulnerable and affected by COVID-19 get the support they need. 


 Remote Opportunity



 Send a Smile

 Help raise the spirits of some of those who are isolated and   lonely. Send a photo of artwork, a letter/story/poem or a video   that can be shared to residents living alone who have requested   some spirit-lifting.

 Send submissions to:

Catholic Charities- Tompkins/Tioga
We support all people in need and advocate for social justice and human dignity in partnership with the Diocese of Rochester and the greater community.




 Remote Opportunity



 Michaela Cortright
 Samaritan Center, Director

607-272-5062 ext. 17.

Volunteer Needed- Help with Community Information and Resource Gathering 
We’re looking for someone with the band width to do some brainstorming with Michaela Cortright, the director of our emergency financial assistance program on this question:
How can we continue to buy items in bulk (ex. laundry detergent, dish soap, and shampoo) for our clients, in this current environment where limits have been placed on purchases?      
This opportunity involves internet research and calling stores to figure out what might be possible.