Financial Stability / Building Self-Sufficiency: $173,485

Better Housing for Tompkins County

o   Tompkins County Home Repair Program - $17,000

This program is for the benefit of rural homeowners with low-income over the age of 60 or homeowners of any age with a disability. The goal of the program is to help clients stay safely, independently in their own homes by providing needed home repairs. Labor is provided free of charge. The cost of the materials is typically covered by the homeowner. When the homeowner cannot afford the cost of materials we explore other sources of funding. In 2010 we were able to raise $10,000 for an Emergency Materials Fund. The United Way's funding is critical to securing these leveraged funds.

Catholic Charities of Tompkins/Tioga

o   ISP - Immigrant Services Program - $5,000

This program provides intensive case management direct services and referrals for immigrants to have their basic needs met, find economically-viable employment, and access health care and education.  Beginning in October, 2010, ISP expanded its services to also include legal immigration services for immigrant families and individuals with low-income.  Catholic Charities is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) as a non-profit agency that can provide legal advocacy to our clients.  They are also providing citizenship and naturalization services that target the elderly, low-income individuals, and those receiving public assistance. 

Challenge Industries, Inc.

o   Challenge Work Center - $25,000

The Work Center provides training and employment opportunities for individuals with significant disabilities to learn work skills and earn a paycheck. For some, the work center is a transitional program that prepares workers for a job in the community; for others it is a long-term supportive setting that allows workers to be productive, be part of a community and contribute to their own self-sufficiency.

o   Job Club - Transition Employment - $10,000

Job Club provides an intensive six week program utilizing a peer-supported group format to provide recipients with the skills, knowledge and structure to plan and engage in their own job search and successfully maintain employment. The components of the program included:  Job Readiness Skills, Life Skills, Job Seeking Skills, Job Retention Skills, Customer Service and Computer Skills.

Danby Community Council

o   Newsletter - $1,000

United Way funding pays for the general newsletter and youth page in the Danby Area News.  Discussions and survey questions concerning town developments are included to solicit community input issues.

Enfield Community Council

o    Community Newsletter - $1,000

 The “Enfield Community Currents is the primary communication tool for the organization with Town of Enfield residents.

Finger Lakes Independence Center

o    Education Outreach - $7,000

The Education Outreach Program offers free speakers, workshops and training to schools, organizations and businesses.  The program helps to develop awareness about people with disabilities and disability issues.

Human Service Coalition of Tompkins County, Inc.

o    Human Service Planning - $8,250

Human Service Planning encourages cooperation and collaboration among providers to develop well organized service delivery systems. It provides technical assistance and support to the nonprofit community, and links organizations to local and regional decision-makers.

McLean Community Council

o    McLean Community Hall - $985

Program funding is for the use of the Community Hall for community meetings and social gatherings.

Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources (OAR) of Tompkins County

o    Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources - $17,450

This program addresses client services (both in and out of jail), bail and transition work.  OAR staff work within the jail several times per week, providing services to incarcerated clients.  OAR helps individuals put together comprehensive individualized plans for the future, coordinating with many of the various service providers in the county.

The Learning Web

o   Youth Outreach - $14,000

The Youth Outreach Program (YO) is open to all Tompkins County young people age 16 to 25 who are homeless or transient, lacking a fixed, stable place in which to live.  Youth Outreach combines street outreach, case management and supportive services (such as help obtaining housing, public assistance, medical care, etc.) with an independent living component, and an employment-related apprenticeship to help participants gain the skills necessary to live successful, self-sufficient lives.  Youth Outreach’s existing program services of daily staff support, independent living skills training and the newly established Housing Scholarship Program, a transitional housing program, are a powerful combination—allowing these youth to better focus their energies on setting goals, working on education and employment, and moving towards self-sufficiency. 

Tompkins Community Action, Inc.

o    JobsBuild - $6,000

Since 2009, JobsBuild has assisted low-income youth (18-25 years old) who have barriers to employment by providing direct field experience, work ready credentials, and life skills training in Green Jobs and Early Childhood Education sector jobs.  As grantees for the Weatherization Assistance Program and Head Start, TCAction is providing hands on training in homes and classrooms as well as providing program supported credentials to ready youth for jobs in emerging and high demand employment markets.

Tompkins Learning Partners

o   Adult Literacy - $15,800

Using trained volunteers, Tompkins Learning Partners (TLP) provides one to one literacy tutoring assistance to 116 adults who need to improve their English speaking, reading, writing, math and computer skills.  Students determined what they would like to achieve.  Tutors work with them to reach these short, medium or long term goals.  Testing and tutor reports indicate when goals have been achieved.  

Women’s Opportunity Center

o   Women’s Opportunity Center Employment Program - $30,000

WOC offers a comprehensive program to displaced homemakers and women in poverty by offering individualized job readiness training and works with them to remove barriers to their training and gaining employment. All of our participants are under the 200% poverty level. The ‘Non-traditional Scholarship Fund’ assists participants to remove barriers to employment by providing such necessities as gas cards, bus passes, books, and clothing.  WOC staff evaluates participants’ needs and their service gaps to guide them towards financial stability.

The Retail Training Center (RTC) and the boutique program's main goal is to help women learn marketable skills by working in a retail environment to gain work experience, customer service training and networking opportunities with employers.   The Boutique generates income to cover some of the operational cost of running the boutique from the sales of used clothing donations.  

YMCA of Ithaca and Tompkins County

o   Financial Assistance/Subsidy - $15,000

The financial assistance/subsidy program is based on the YMCA policy of "never refusing YMCA services based solely on the inability to meet the cost" The YMCA conducts an annual campaign, two special events and the United Way funding to offset the cost of scholarships for those approved to receive support.