Why should I give to United Way?
By giving to UWTC, you ensure that your gift will be creating the greatest impact in our community. Your gift strengthens the three building blocks of life: education, income, and health. These three blocks create a strong foundation for consistent, collective success.
Additional benefits include:
  • Convenience of payroll deduction
  • One annual pledge that helps a variety of organizations and people within Tompkins County
  • Recognition within a large, community-wide campaign
  • Opportunities to lead, give, and network within the community
  • Confidence in giving to a trusted, community-based organization that has improved the lives of Tompkins County residents for over 90 years
How much of my gift goes into the programs and services?
Due to the generosity of our Corporate Cornerstone Partners, who provide the support for our operating expenses, 100% of the gifts generated by the community campaign go directly to benefit local programs and services. 
Designations to non-profit organizations outside of Tompkins County are charged a nominal processing fee not exceeding 2% of the total gift to offset the costs involved with collecting and distributing these gifts.
What is the Community Care Fund?
The Community Care Fund  supports essential education, income, and health services in Tompkins County through a biannual grant cycle. These dollars help achieve the following outcomes:
  • Children and youth succeed in school, work, and life.
  • Individuals and families have improved financial stability and self-sufficiency.
  • Children, seniors and adults have improved physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
Grants are awarded by a panel of community volunteers that review the design, financials, outcomes, and performance of each program that applies for funding to determine how to create the greatest impact in the community.
Other non-profit organizations in Tompkins County may receive funding from additional grant opportunities that UWTC provides through special initiatives and student engagement.
What are UWTC’s Special Initiatives?
UWTC special initiatives address specific community-wide challenges identified through an ongoing examination of community needs. Donors can designate gifts to the following UWTC special initiatives on their pledge card:
  • Urgent Rx Prescription Program provides free prescriptions and outreach follow-ups to uninsured individuals with urgent health needs. 
  • Student Engagement initiatives empower school and college-aged youth to develop leadership skills and learn the value of civic engagement. Students identify and address community needs through grant-making, volunteering, and fundraising.
Can I direct or exclude my gift to a specific organization?
You may designate your gift to any 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  If you designate to a program or agency that receives grant funding from United Way of Tompkins County through our Community Care Fund or a Special Initiative Grant, these organizations receive your designated gift in addition to the grants awarded from UWTC. 
You may choose to exclude a particular organization from receiving any portion of your gift by noting that request on your pledge card.
I designated to a specific organization last year and I never received a confirmation letter.
UWTC tracks all designations to assure that gifts reach the selected organization. Donor name and contact information is not provided to the designated agency unless the donor checks the box on their pledge card permitting UWTC to share this information.
I live in another county. Is it possible to give all or part of my donation to the county where I live?
You may designate your gift to a different United Way or non-profit outside of Tompkins County on your pledge card. The organization will receive 100% of your gift. All designations to agencies outside of Tompkins County are charged a nominal processing fee not exceeding 2% of the total gift amount. 
Please note that if you donate through payroll deduction, your pay stub may display “United Way of Tompkins County” even if you designate to another organization through our campaign. The donations are still sent to the county and/or non-profit specified on your pledge card.