Health/Environment: $243,500

Alcohol & Drug Council

o   Outpatient Clinic Program - $25,000

Program supports: evaluation of alcohol and drug use, psychiatric consultation, medication management and monitoring, individual chemical dependency counseling (couple & family counseling as needed/requested), group chemical dependency counseling, and consultation with other service providers.

o   Education & Prevention Program - $2,000

This program provides a range of services to local communities regarding the dangers of substance abuse. Programs include the peer education program which operates in the high schools and middle schools of five area school districts, Rite Aid Drug Quiz show, Open Minds Program for college students, STOP DWI committee participation, Day Treatment program at the Community Justice Center, as well as numerous health fairs, and community events. The desired goal is to achieve a reduction in community substance abuse through proactive early education and intervention.

Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes

o   Individualized Information and Support for Those Affected by Cancer - $8,000

The core service of this program is provision of individualized information and assistance to people affected by cancer. This service is most needed at times of transition: at the time of diagnosis, when treatment ends (an unexpectedly difficult time for many), if there's a recurrence of the cancer, and if treatment becomes futile and the individual is considering hospice.  Much of this service is connecting individuals with local, regional, and national resources, e.g., the financial assistance program at Cayuga Medical Center, drug company assistance programs, Tompkins County Office for the Aging, Family and Children's Services, Finger Lakes Independence Center, and the Mental Health Association.

Enfield Community Council

o   Community Enrichment - $500

The purpose of this program is to organize, operate and maintain youth programs offering instruction, athletic, social and cultural learning opportunities, and supervised activities, recreation and entertainment for children and youth of the Enfield community; and to involve parents and other residents of the Enfield community in the programs and objectives of the youth programs, as well as promote, operate and maintain any aspects required to fulfill that function.

Family & Children’s Service

o   Children’s Mental Health - $58,000

This clinical program offers a broad range of confidential, high quality, affordable counseling, psychiatric, and crisis services to children from infancy through late adolescence and their families. There are two programs for children and families with special circumstances: The Zero to Five Project and Children's Crisis Outreach Project.

o   Family Mental Health - $73,000

 This clinical program offers a broad range of confidential, high quality, affordable counseling and psychiatric services to adults and their family members to address a wide range of mental health issues.

o   Respite and Caregiver Counseling - $23,000

Family and Children’s Respite Program is offered by a trained staff in the client’s place of residence providing, supervision, and assistance to care receivers with medical needs or dementia allowing informal caregivers (family) time away from care giving responsibilities.  Purpose is to offer a dual-benefit service, which provides cognitively enriching social interaction with care-receivers and relief for families caring for an older adult or an individual with a disability.  Caregiver Counseling offers supportive counseling, ongoing education, communication strategies, along with ongoing mental health counseling options through the Family and Children’s mental health clinic.  Respite and Caregiver Counseling functions to stabilize caregiver challenges while allowing an opportunity for older adults to continue aging-in place.

Franziska Racker Centers, Inc.

o   Evaluations - $30,000

The Evaluation Team provides families, school districts and Early Intervention with the information they need to assess a child's development, and determine whether he or she qualifies for therapeutic services. The data provided enables families and support agencies to match individual children with the supportive intervention appropriate to their needs. Evaluations inform parents, address their questions and concerns and are strength-based in their approach.

Gadabout Transportation Services, Inc.

o   Gadabout Transportation Services for the Elderly and Disabled Residents of Tompkins County - $14,000

Gadabout Transportation Services uses a fleet of 27 buses with a staff of both paid and volunteer drivers to provide rides for all purposes to Tompkins county residents 60 years of age and older and people with disabilities. Funds will be used for gasoline and volunteer training.

Lansing Community Council

o   Lansing Department of Parks and Recreation - $2,000

A variety of outdoor activities are offered to over 2,500 residents ranging from pre-k to senior citizens. Activities range from baseball, basketball and football, ice skating, senior water aerobics, adult yoga classes, art classes, cheer leading clinics, pottery workshops for adults and kids, high school drama program to summer day camp.

The Mental Health Association in Tompkins County

o   Education, Health and Wellness Program - $8,000

This program provides reassuring messages for all people with mental illness, and for those who are inquiring about themselves or others who may have a mental health issue.  The program is voluntary and focuses on prevention and early intervention. Based on an evaluation of the demand for the services that this program provides, it is an essential part of treatment for and recovery from mental illness. Additionally, this program distributes mental health and wellness information.