United Way of Tompkins County Unites People by Investing in Local Services

Thanks to the generosity of our communities, the United Way of Tompkins County (UWTC) Board of Directors has recently awarded over $900,000 to help the health, education and financial stability of people throughout Tompkins County and beyond. Grants were made through the Community Care Fund, Focus on Community Understanding and Service (FOCUS) Fund with the Dryden Middle School, and the Hunger & Food Security Fund.
United Way funded partners are helping people meet their immediate, basic needs while creating lasting change by strengthening the building blocks for a good life. The Community Care Fund (CCF) awards of $878,052 supports 95 programs. Hunger and Food Security Fund awards totaling $38,081.21 were invested in fifteen programs projected to assist 32,145 local residents gain access to an adequate supply of nutritious food. 
FOCUS grant awards totaling $2,000 will support programs at four different nonprofits that serve the Town of Dryden. This fund is unique because the students of Dryden Elementary School review the grant applications and make the funding recommendations. FOCUS provides students with opportunities to share their views of our community’s assets and needs, and then invest funds to make a difference. 
The Community Care Fund and Hunger & Food Security applications are reviewed by community volunteers. The review process includes a discussion and understanding of current community needs and an evaluation of each program’s design, finances, outcomes and performance. The final investments are recommended by UWTC’s Community Investment Committee and approved by the UWTC Board of Directors.
In addition to these funds and distributing donor designated gifts, UWTC recently funded a number of special initiatives; including Student Engagement Programs, the Urgent Rx Prescription Program, and the Get Connected, Volunteer Center. 
For over 95 years, people have joined United Way of Tompkins County by making gifts to fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community. 100% of donations to UWTC’s Community Care Fund, special initiatives, and member organizations go directly to the programs thanks to earned income and Corporate Cornerstone Partners.
For additional details on these grant awards and to learn more about how UWTC unites people around common dreams and common aspirations please visit www.uwtc.org.
2016-17 Community Care Fund Grants by Area
Education – Total of $264,350  
Brooktondale Community Center
Brooktondale Summer Camp - $5,000
Child Development Council
Child Care Resource & Referral (CCRR) - $45,000
Family Support Services - $25,000
Teen Pregnancy/ Parenting Program - $15,000
Danby Community Council
Scholarships - $1,500
Youth Services - $1,500
Downtown Ithaca Children's Center
Tuition Assisted Childcare Program - $14,500
Dryden Community Council
Dryden Community Camp - $3,000
Southworth Library Summer Reading - $600
Southworth Library Teen Programs - $800
Enfield Community Council, Inc.
ESAP Scholarships - $3,000
Summer Day Camp Program - $3,000
Teen Program - $7,500
Franziska Racker Centers, Inc.
Early Childhood Feeding Program - $8,000
Freeville Community Council
Freeville Summer Recreation Program - $4,000
Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, Inc.
Girl Scout Leadership Experience - $3,500
Greater Ithaca Activities Center, Inc.
Teen Program - $19,000
Youth Program - $35,000  
Groton Community Council
Groton Public Library - $1,000
Groton Recreation Committee - $1,500
Youth Services - $2,550
Ithaca Community Childcare Center
Access Scholarship Fund - $5,000
Lansing Community Council
Lansing Youth Services - $3,000  
The Learning Web
Community & Career Exploration & Apprenticeship Program - $25,000
McLean Community Council, Inc.
Calling all Teens - $3,000
Newfield Community Council
Before and Afterschool Program - $2,000
Newfield Summer Day Camp - $4,500
Summer Reading Program - $1,500
Youth At-Risk and General Recreation - $2,200
Southside Community Center 
Recycle Ithaca’s Bikes (RIBS) - $5,500
Ulysses Community Council
Afterschool Program - $2,350
Library Program - $800
Nursery School - $500
Summer Recreation Programs - $3,500
Youth Services - $5,500
Income - Total of $260,877
Better Housing for Tompkins County, Inc. 
Tompkins County Home Repair Program - $17,500
Brooktondale Community Center 
Caroline Food Pantry at the Brooktondale Community Center - $1,250
Catholic Charities of Tompkins/Tioga
Immigrant Services Program - $10,000
Samaritan Center Emergency Services Program - $26,000
Challenge Workforce Solutions
Contract Production Facility - $30,000
Job Club-Transition to Employment - $6,750  
Foodnet Meals on Wheels
Home Delivered Meals - $12,250  
Groton Community Council
Izzy’s Closet - $2,000
Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County Inc.
Human Service Planning - $8,000
2-1-1 Information and Referral Services - $7,000
The Learning Web
Youth Outreach - $22,000
Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc. ® (Ithaca Office)
Tompkins/Tioga Neighborhood Legal Services - $4,000
McLean Community Council, Inc.
McLean Community Hall - $1,000
Newfield Community Council
Newfield Kitchen Cupboard – Pantry - $1,000
Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources (OAR) of Tompkins County
Opportunities, Alternatives and Resources (OAR) - $29,875
Rescue Mission Alliance of Syracuse
Emergency Shelter/Day Center - $31,377
The Salvation Army
Direct Assistance Program - $9,000
Tompkins County Senior Citizens’ Council (Lifelong) 
Tax Counseling for the Elderly - $4,000
Tompkins Learning Partners, Inc.
Adult Literacy - $16,875
Ulysses Community Council
Food Pantry - $1,000  
Women's Opportunity Center
On the Job Training - $20,000  
Health- Total of $352,825
Advocacy Center of Tompkins County
Youth Intervention and Prevention Services - $25,000
Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County, Inc.
Education and Prevention Program - $2,500
Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Treatment - $19,500
Brooktondale Community Center
Newsletter - $1,000 
2016-17 Playground Project - $8,500
Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes
Individualized Information and Support for Those Affected by Cancer - $12,750
CDRC - Community Dispute Resolution Center
Mediation Services - $22,000
Danby Community Council
Danby Seniors - $200
Family Programs - $1,000
Newsletter - $1,500
Dryden Community Council
Southworth Library Large Print Materials - $300
Enfield Community Council, Inc.
Community Newsletter - $2,000
4th & 5th Grade Basketball - $900
Family and Children's Service of Ithaca
Clinical Counseling - $35,000
Psychiatry - $33,000
Rural Outreach Services - $40,000
Finger Lakes Independence Center
Disability Benefits Education and Assistance - $5,000
Gadabout Transportation Services, Inc.
Gadabout Transportation Services - $12,750
Greater Ithaca Activities Center, Inc.
Recreation - $6,000
Adult /Senior Program - $5,000  
Lansing Community Council
Lansing Department of Parks and Recreation - $2,000
McLean Community Council, Inc.
Happening in the Hamlet - $1,000
McLean Beautification Committee - $975
The Mental Health Association in Tompkins County
Community Health Education Outreach - $4,500
KIDS FIRST Summer Recreation Program - $35,000
PASS Program Mentor Training - $1,000
The Salvation Army
Salvation Army Golden Agers (SAGA) - $1,000
Youth and Educational Support - $1,000
Suicide Prevention & Crisis Service
Crisisline - $35,000
Online Crisis Counseling Service for Youth - $6,700
Tompkins County Senior Citizens’ Council (Lifelong)
Tompkins County Senior Citizen’s Council Activities - $4,000
Volunteers Connected! - $2,000
Varna Community Association
Varna After School Program - $10,000
YMCA of Ithaca and Tompkins County
Open Door Scholarship Program - $14,750
Spring 2016 Hunger and Food Security – Total of $38,081.21
Catholic Charities of Tompkins/Tioga 
Samaritan Center - $2,031.21
Challenge Workforce Solutions
Job Club - $4,000
Community Dinners at Dryden United Methodist Church
Community Dinners - $700
Dryden Community Council
Dryden Kitchen Cupboard - $1,000
Weekend Backpack Program - $500
Food Bank of the Southern Tier 
Tompkins County Mobile Food Pantry - $4,000
Foodnet Meals on Wheels
Wheels for Meals - $4,000
Freeville Community Council
Freeville Food Pantry - $750
Horticulture Program – Cornell Cooperative Extensions
Seed to Supper - $2,600
Loaves and Fishes
Free Meal Program - $7,000
The Learning Web
Youth Outreach - $4,500 
The Mental Health Association in Tompkins County
The Jenkins Center for Hope and Recovery - $2,500
Tompkins Community Action
Emergency Food Pantry – $1,500
2016-2017 FOCUS Fund Grants – Total of $2,000
Community Dinners at United Methodist Church
Community Dinners - $715
Dryden Elementary School 
Dryden Summer Food Program - $730
Tompkins County Senior Citizens’ Council 
Enhance Your Fitness - $500
Varna Community Association
Safe Cigarette Disposal - $55
Working with others United Way of Tompkins County…
  • Supports individuals in their efforts to live self-sufficient, productive lives,
  • Connects families with their communities,
  • Encourages diverse agencies and communities to engage each other to achieve mutual goals,
  • Models and expects fairness, dignity, and respect.