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What is a Pacesetter?

Pacesetters are organizations that conduct their United Way workplace campaigns before the annual Day of Caring and campaign kickoff. They begin their campaigns in late summer and serve as model companies and organizations for the overall Community, setting the pace for the entire campaign.


Benefits of being a Pacesetter:
  • Exclusive invitation to Pacesetter Kick-off Breakfast
What do we have to do to be a Pacesetter?

We have a very simple two-step process for our Pacesetters:

  • Start your workplace campaign in July or August.   
  • Have everything wrapped up and turned into the Resource Development team before the Day of Caring in September.  

It’s that easy!


Interested in becoming a Pacesetter:

We’d love to share more information about how you can get our campaign off to a strong start through your organization!  Please contact our Resource Development department at 607.272.6286 to join this important group of community leaders! 


Volunteer leadership for Pacesetter's campaign:

Kathy Schlather, Human Services Coalition | Matthew Forney, Tompkins Trust Company


Pacesetters 2018





Thank you to all of our Pacesetters for getting our campaign off to a strong start!



You may receive our last financial report at:   
You may receive additional information on charitable organizations at: NY Office of the Attorney General ( (212-416-8401).