Piggy Penny Drive

Piggy Penny Drive for United Way of Tompkins County 

How to Participate:

1. Pick-up your piggy!

  • Visit our offices (313 North Aurora Street) M-F 9:00-5:00 PM and pick up your piggy (parking available in back).
  • Give us a call and we can discuss other options for piggy pick-up (including mailing).

2. Bring your piggy home, to your office, or to share with friends.
3. Collect pennies, coins, cash, or checks in your piggy.
4. Visit United Way on our Penny Drop-Off date(s) to deliver the funds you've raised.
5. You will get to keep your piggy!

Note: A special reward awaits those who bring their piggies to penny drop-off dates.

Where will your pennies go?

  • A pound of food for a local family costs $0.68 - that's 68 pennies!
  • A pair of socks for cold feet costs $1.00 - thats 100 pennies!
  • A pair of pencils for a student in need costs $0.26 - that's 26 pennies!