Tools for Agencies

Is your agency interested in applying for grant funding through United Way of Tompkins County?

Please review the United Way of Tompkins County Grant Policies and Funding Parameters for eligibility standards, funded partner agreements, and general grant information. Additional information for applying for funding can be found here.  
Please note that all grant applications must be submitted and managed through Foundant, our grant making platform. Please contact our Director of Community Impact, Gregg Houck, at for more information and assistance on using Foundant.

Already a UWTC Funded Partner?

All funded agencies are required to have the following on file with UWTC. Please return signed forms to the Director of Community Impact, Gregg Houck, at
Funded Partner Logo

Our funded partners agree to identify themselves at part of UWTC by including the Funded Partner logo on their website and all print materials. This logo is meant to highlight the power of partnerships and show the community the interconnectivity of Tompkins County’s human service agencies. Please click the image below to download. 

Payment Distribution Schedule

2020-22 Community Care Fund – Distribution of grant funds for Community Care Fund recipients are managed in Foundant, our grant making software. Please contact our Director of Community Impact, Gregg Houck, at  for assistance. 

Let Us Connect You with New Volunteers

Do you need volunteers for a one time or reoccurring event? Fill out our Volunteer Request Form and UWTC will post your volunteer opportunity on our website and email your opportunity to our list of 300+ community members. These are our neighbors throughout Tompkins County who have expressed interest in volunteering to support agencies like yours.