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What We're Fighting For

We’re fighting for your neighbors, your co-workers, your family & friends, for YOU.

Because each and every one of us knows someone who needs direct support to make ends meet, face a challenge, and/or build a better life. It may even be us. If not today, then perhaps someday.

And we fight for a stronger community.

When people have what they need, including the ability to create a more sustainable life, we all win. Our businesses win, our nonprofit partners win, our community wins, and each individual wins.

Individually, we can make a difference. Collectively, we can do more.

When you give through the United Way Community Care Fund, your one gift supports over 45 agency missions and over 100 programs.

The agencies and programs supported through United Way by donor dollars are one way we fight for all of us. And thanks to our Corporate Cornerstone Partners covering all administrative and operating expenses, you know 100% of individual gifts support programs and services. Another way we fight for all is through advocacy. We encourage and facilitate resource sharing, collaboration, and dialogues around services and public policies. We partner with human services agencies, service providers, businesses, and community leaders.

We focus on local problems and needs. We encourage and facilitate people-driven solutions. And we invite you to BE THE SOLUTION. Won’t you partner with us today?