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Why Give Through United Way




When you give through United Way to the Community Care Fund, you know:
  • 100% of your donation goes to programming and direct services (UWTC keeps no fees nor overhead)
  • You are funding programs and services that are proven to have high impact in meeting basic needs for Tompkins County residents.
  • One gift, no matter what size, is joined with others to impact 45 agencies and over 100 programs that make our community stronger and can assist you, your neighbors, friends & families.
  • The programs and services your gift supports are inclusive, diverse, responsible, impact-driven, accountable and transparent
  • You are helping people in Tompkins County live more self-sufficient, self-determined lives.
When you give through United Way to any non-profit you designate:
  • You guarantee 100% of your donation goes to that agency. 
  • You help that agency plan for funding that will be received through your payroll deductions, due to UWTC notifying it of your pledge.
No matter where you designate your gift (CCF, other designees, or both), you:
  • Decide at once how to distribute your charitable gifts for the year, and have the option to give anytime, including to spread those payments out over the year in the form of payroll deductions, should you give through a workplace campaign.
  • Your funding is often leveraged by the agency as matching funds when applying for State and Federal grants, due to UWTC guaranteeing this funding in advance
  • Can designate where you do not want your money to go.
  • Help non-profits know what funding they can count on in advance, before the gift is fully paid+
+UWTC notifies agencies annually both their funding awards through the Community Care Fund and any designated pledges; they distribute grant funds on a schedule the agency selects and designated funds received quarterly 
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