Youth: $144,365

Advocacy Center

o    Youth Services - $20,000

The Youth Services Program provides services to children and teen victims of sexual abuse, teen dating violence, and witnesses to domestic violence. Services are also provided to their non-offending parents or guardians.  Services include 24-hour access to emergency counseling, ongoing counseling and emotional support, accompaniment to appointments and services connected with the abuse issue, support groups and prevention and safety information.

Child Development Council

o   Teen Pregnancy/ Parenting Program - $25,195

The Teen Pregnancy/Parenting Program (TP3) promotes healthy pregnancies, supports the development of parenting skills and improves access to school and work. TP3 helps teens obtain the resources and learn the skills they need to deal with the challenges of parenthood, and assists them as they work towards self-sufficiency. Combined, these goals contribute to the overall mission of the agency – “to promote the healthy development of children and families in Tompkins County.”

Danby Community Council

o   Youth Services - $1,250

This program provides ongoing community based youth development programs in Danby and assist with transportation issues.

o   Scholarships - $1,500

Youth are able to attend summer camps, afterschool programs, and other enrichment activities.

Dryden Community Council

o   Southworth Library Summer Reading Program - $200

This is a summer reading program for children and teens.

Enfield Community Council

o   Enfield Teen Transition Effort - $9,000

The Teen Program offers activities to Enfield Youth for their development, to learn leadership and team building, with opportunities for community participation, as well as a Youth Employment Program. These opportunities give youth skills they need in life now and in the future, providing them job training, and a chance to be active in the community.

Girl Scouts PENN

o   Camp - $15,000

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is a development program for girls in grades K-12.  This leadership model engages girls in discovering themselves, connecting with others and taking action to make the world a better place. 

Greater Ithaca Activities Center

o   Teen Program - $16,000

The Teen Program provides safe, educational, social, cultural and recreational programming, as well as advocacy support for local teens. The program employs a case-management approach to supporting the individual social development of teens and young adults with academic assistance, jobs/careers exploration, navigating college processes, redirecting of behaviors to more positive choices and outcomes, and teaching basic life skills. The program operates from 3-7pm, Monday - Thursday and offers a late night component on Fridays from 4pm-midnight. Occasional special activities are also held on weekends. 

Groton Community Council

o   Groton Recreation Committee - $1,550

This is a summer recreation program offered to area youth.  It provides an opportunity for children to engage in a variety of activities and field trips, including recreational and artistic.

o   Youth Commission - $2,550

This program provides ongoing community based youth development programs throughout the year.

o   Groton Public Library - $400

This program supports a summer reading program.

Lansing Community Council

o   Lansing Youth Services - $1,970

The Lansing Youth Services program is a middle school program to provide fun, educational and supportive opportunities for the youth of Lansing.

McLean Community Council

o   Summer Recreation - $100

This is a program for youth recreation targeting middle school students.

Newfield Community Council

o    Summer Reading - $950

The Summer Reading Program introduces children to the library and encourages them to read during the summer. The program provides employment for two Newfield teenagers.

o   Youth At-Risk and General Recreation - $4,235

This program supports a summer satellite camp primarily serving at-risk youth and families with low-income. Also, funding provides scholarship assistance for other general recreation and sports programs.

Southside Community Center

o   Computer Lab - $2,500

The Computer Lab offers a variety of technology related programming including a DJing Mixology class, a live youth radio station - 305 Live, and various other programs related to computers and their usage.

o   Unity Studio - $2,000

The Unity Studio provides a mechanism for area youth and community to learn digital recording; programs (software), sound engineering, sound recording, beat making, and tracking (making individual music tracks and combining).

o   RIBS - $1,000

The Recycle Ithaca's Bikes (RIBs) program offers the Greater Ithaca community and youth the opportunity and place to educate themselves about cycling, learn about and repair their bikes and earn a bike (while supplies / donations last).

o   General/Cultural Programs - $3,140

The General / Cultural Programs of the Southside Community Center cover a host of programming and activities.  Included in these programs and activities are our annual cultural, Juneteenth, Kwanzza, and Three Kings events. The Center’s ongoing general programs includes, hip hop dance, African Drum, Caperiora dance, piano lessons and a host of activities throughout the year including holiday celebrations, family gatherings, community meetings, and cookouts.

Suicide Prevention & Crisis Services

o   Online Counseling Service for Youth - $6,395

Suicide Prevention & Crisis Service will expand its crisis counseling services to include an on-line chat service that will be integrated into the website and enable confidential record-keeping through established systems. Promotion of this new service will be oriented for youth through schools and social media.

The Learning Web

o   Community & Career Exploration & Apprenticeship Program - $21,000

The Community & Career Exploration & Apprenticeship Program (CCEAP) is open to all Tompkins County youth ages 11-20, who are living with a parent or caregiver and includes youth who participate on a volunteer (unpaid) basis and those who participate on a stipend (paid) basis.  Embracing all youth allows for a program of   “blended youth” that resists stereotyping, thereby avoiding stigmatization and enriching the quality of program services available to all participants.

The Salvation Army

o   Youth Educational Supports - $1,000

Youth Educational Supports offers school aged children services; funding will be directed to support: Back to School Back Packs (fully equipped).

Ulysses Community Council

o   Afterschool Program - $1,695

United Way funding provides supplies and support for the Afterschool Program.

o   Youth Services - $5,735

This program provides ongoing community based youth development programs throughout the year.