Our Impact


United Way of Tompkins County believes in self-determination, local solutions, and accountability. We help people meet their immediate, basic needs while creating lasting change by investing in local agencies and programs that strengthen the three building blocks for a good life: educationfinancial stability and health.

Education: Children and youth succeed in school, work and life.

Financial Stability: Individuals and families have improved financial stability and self-sufficiency.

Health: Children, seniors and adults have improved physical, emotional, ad mental well-being.

Below is is snapshot of the impact donors like you have had on our community!




97% of kids facing food insecurity in Tompkins County had access to fresh fruits, vegetables and daily meals. 
(19-20 Community Care Fund)

3 kids approximate 8-10 years old, 1 black girl wearing pink with long curls, one little boy white, white with shaggy, sandy colored hair, one girl white with sandy colored hair in pigtails, all looking at the camera and smiling with watermelon in their hands.





84,697 meals were served to those in need. (19-20 Community Care Fund)

Two aduls age 60+, one man and one woman stand looking proud with lots of shelves of behind them full of boxed and canned food items.





67% of youth in Tompkins County learned a new skill that will benefit their development. (19-20 Community Care Fund)

All boy approximate 5 years old smiles for the camera. He is in an indoor pool with blue swim goggles on. He has wet dark hair.





26% of adults who were under or unemployed gained new skills to advance their employment. (19-20 Community Care Fund)

A young woman approximately in her early to mid 20's stands infront of racks of clothes. She has long light brown hair and glasses. She stands with her arms triumphantly spread over her head with a smile on her face.





3,007 individuals avoided evictions, utility shutoffs, and resolved transportation issues. (19-20 Community Care Fund, 20-21 UW/2-1-1 COVID-19 Response Fund)

A man in a blue t-shirt with a goatee stands next to his wife who wears a pick tank top. Both are in their mid-twenties. The wife holds a baby girl approximately 4 months old with a head full of dark hair.