Youth and Philanthropy

Youth and Philanthropy is an initiative designed to provide youth with the opportunity to take an active role in their communities and think about how philanthropy can become an important part of their lives. The program inspires and provides youth with a greater understanding of current community needs, explore individual leadership abilities, participate in team-building activities, learn about charitable giving, develop a grant application, receive and review grants, and to invest money in community programs that are making a difference for local residents and organizations.

In 2000, The Park Foundation provided the initial funding and continues to support the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative. Thirteen years later, over 200 students from every school district in the T-S-T BOCES District have participated in one of United Way of Tompkins County's Youth and Philanthropy Programs. 


All community members are invited to submit nominations for students in the TST BOCES district. Nominations are currently closed for the 2015 YAP program. 

“Through YAP I learned that I could voice my opinions in a large group and have others listen to and consider what I said. I was also able to better my ability to listen to others and take their opinions into consideration.” Anonymous, YAP 2014

"It was truly gratifying to serve a cause, work with people, solve problems, and most importantly see benefits.... Knowing that I helped shaped someone’s life for the better is unexplainable." JordanYAP 2013


Youth and Philanthropy Grant Awards
2014 YAP Grant Awards
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2012 YAP Grant Awards
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Youth and Philanthropy Photo Albums
Click here for the 2014 YAP Photo Album

Thank you to
Cornell University
Chris Halladay, Cornell University 
Karen Brown, Cornell University
Cindy Noble, YAP Chair 2014
Myriah Fitterer, YAP Volunteer Leader 2014
Lexi Griffin, YAP Student Leader 2014


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