About Us

United Way of Tompkins County's mission, vision, and values serve to guide us in efforts to positively impact the community.

Our Mission

United Way of Tompkins County, in collaboration with others, transforms the dynamics of poverty in Tompkins County by addressing human need and creating conditions for economic security for all.

Our Vision

United Way of Tompkins County envisions and strives for a community where all people thrive.  Poverty is rare and all households live sufficiently and sustainably.  Equitable access, opportunity, and mobility are experienced as a societal norm.  Our collective resources are shared courageously and effectively.  The broader community is engaged and united in action to transform economic inequality into shared prosperity.

Our Core Values

Accountability                   Equity

Collaboration                     Inclusion

Diversity                               Transparency

Our Approach

UWTC upholds abundance as a guide to our approach as a community partner:

Abundance suggests we work in ways that encourage human thriving by attracting and managing responsibly community resources. We do this with the belief that it is possible for everyone in Tompkins County to have enough resources to live well beyond hand-to-mouth. Scarcity, on the other hand, is a barrier to community sharing, cooperation, imagination, and resiliency. It fosters individualism instead of community. Abundance reinforces the idea of a wider approach to bold, out-of-the-box thinking and collaborative action.