Workplace Campaigns



If you'd like to host a campaign for your workplace, please contact Interim CEO, Gail Belokur at We will work with you to make sure that you have the tools, speakers and support necessary for a successful Workplace Campaign!
Workplace Campaigns are the backbone of the annual UWTC Community Campaign, representing more than 75% of total funding. We're thankful to all the businesses and organizations that dedicate themselves to building a stronger Tompkins County and impacting the lives of our neighbors by participating in our Community Campaign.
Workplace campaigns give your employees the opportunity to learn more about the needs and services available in Tompkins County. They will also be provided with information on several UWTC funds and programs. With this information, your employees will feel confident that a gift through UWTC will have the greatest impact possible- making our community stronger and assisting them, their friends, family members and neighbors.+
+ Employees can also designate other agencies to receive their donations, including United Ways in other counties.
Workplace campaigns give your employees the opportunity to make their charitable contributions knowing:
  • 100% of their individual gifts goes directly to local agencies, programs and direct services because UWTC keeps no fees nor overhead expenses.
  • They can decide at once the total amount of their gift (their pledge), but pace their giving through payroll deductions throughout the year, making it easier to give.
  • Their gift, no matter what size, is joined with others to fund needed agencies and programs in our community.
  • Their gifts and pledges to agencies are guaranteed in advanced. This allow agencies to leverage their gifts as matching funds when applying for grants and other funding. 
We split the majority of workplace campaigns into three periods annually:
Pacesetters*: Begins as early as mid-June and ends by mid-September
Fall Campaign: Begins in mid-September and ends in early November
End of Year Campaign: Begins in early November and ends by December 21
It is also possible to hold a spring campaign, if that is what works best for your workplace culture and timeline.
Pacesetters are organizations that conduct their UWTC workplace campaigns before the official campaign kickoff and end by September 22nd. They set the example for our community to follow and help inform the annual campaign goal. That said, all of our Workplace Campaigns are important and make a difference!