Corporate Cornerstone Partners

If your company or philanthropic goals include creating a stronger Tompkins County, becoming a CCP can help reach those goals in tangible ways. We meet with our CCPs partners to identify your goals and find ways to partner with you in meeting them.  
Corporate Cornerstone Partners (CCPs) provide the infrastructure upon which UWTC works and serves. This generous and committed group of individuals and employers join together and underwrite UWTC’s administrative costs so that 100% of all other donations can be used for needed programs and services. 

How to Make a CCP Commitment: 
We appreciate your consideration making a community investment that will produce multi-level returns, strengthen lives, and improve our community! For more information or to continue the CCP discussion, please contact our COO, Gail Belokur, via email at or via phone at 607.272.6286. 
Other Collateral Benefits to Being a Corporate Cornerstone Partner Include:

UWTC Print Coverage: CCPs are listed by giving level bracket in our annual report, which is distributed throughout the county to community leaders, donors, funded agencies, and the public at large. The report is available at over 25 UWTC special and tabling events throughout the year.


Social Media & Website Coverage: Each Corporate Cornerstone partner is highlighted on an individual social media post that gives an image from your business, a thank you “shout out,” and link to your website. Additionally, Corporate Cornerstone partner is listed on our website. Beginning this year, each CCP will also have their logo listed by giving level bracket with a link to your website.


E-Newsletter with 4,000+ local subscribers: CCPs giving at the $500 or more level will appear on one of our bi-weekly e-newsletters. We will be working with your marketing personnel to determine what you would like to highlight about your business and your “why” for being a CCP and/or what you love about doing business in Tompkins County. We will also consider publishing at a time of year when you want to draw attention to your business for a particular reason. CCPs who give at the Silver and above ranking will be  featured individually; those giving at the Bronze level will be paired with other businesses who occupy a different sector. 


UWTC Community Events:  A large “step and repeat” banner is on display at several of our events including “Day of Caring” and our “Annual Celebration,” with CCP logos ranked by level of giving. 


Our Current Corporate Cornerstone Partners

Titanium: $100,000 and above

Platinum: $50,000 - $99,999

Diamond Circle: $25,000 - $49,999

Diamond: $10,000 - $24,999

Gold: $5,000 - $9,999

Silver: $1,500 - $4,999

Bronze: $500 - $1,499

Pearl: $100 - $499

Corporate Cornerstone Levels