The Livermore Society For Leadership Giving

Mr. Tocqueville

The Livermore Society is named for George Livermore, early president of the Ithaca Gun Company. In 1983, Betty Cornish was the first Campaign Chair to lead a $1,000,000 Community Campaign. With Betty's vision, The Livermore Society for leadership giving was started in Tompkins County.

Leadership giving by individuals continues to grow with each Campaign. These gifts have enabled United Way to respond to the changing conditions and emerging needs in our community. There are different levels of support beginning with gifts of $700. Donors giving $10,000 or more become members of the Tocqueville Society, a national recognition-giving program through United Way Worldwide, named after Alexis de Tocqueville. More information on the Tocqueville Society can be found here.

United Way of Tompkins County is thankful for the generosity of each and every donor. Click here to see the 2014 Livermore Brochure.